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The colourful complexity of "Talent"

Throughout my global executive career, I was always intrigued by the phenomenon ‘Talent’, both internal and external.

What really qualifies somebody to be a Talent ? Can one or how to grow into a Talent ? How do we transform Talent into true leaders or even better into ‘game-changers’ ?

Over the years of my executive life, I came to the conclusion that Talent is based on 4 big fundamental elements: Knowledge; Emotion; Skill; Competency, or one could argue that the latter is actually the sum of the first 3. Passion, empathy, humbleness and hard-work are character attributes.

Some 2400 years ago, a man called Socrates, understood already that knowledge has little to do with sustainable value creation, it is much more important to “know thyself’ and here comes my intriguing phenomenon into play: Many companies and leaders just do not focus enough on scientifically understanding competencies. In a world where almost any sort of knowledge is a ‘digital fingerprint’ away, it is obvious that this cannot be a sustainable competitive advantage……hiring AND keeping the right competent Talents however is, particularly if they grow into quantum leaping game changers.

Too often I have to smile, when I read that recruiters and HR Managers put the ‘what’ before the ‘who’. The simplicity of the hiring process is often surprising. Past performance is only a small indicator for the future.

Watch this space…..the launch of “H-ocrates”, which will help businesses to better understand the competency levels of their “Talent” and equally important to help graduate students to understand their own competency profile and the gap to Talent territory, to enable them to gain confidence and to get an early competitive advantage in their career aspirations.

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